Guided Tours of Pompeii & More
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Taking pictures during our tour outside the Colosseum The Colosseum, another attraction visited on our tour The Emperors' Palace The arch of Constantine The Temple of Antoninus The Forum in Rome


Half day
  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours (half-day)
  • Weather conditions: The tour takes places rain or shine.
  • Availability: Everyday
  • Dressing code: Comfortable. No high-heels. Bring a hat in the hot summer days
  • Meeting point: It will be specified after booking.
  • No lines policy: You will not be standing in the entrance line and you will have a great guide only for you!
  • Age limits The tour is suitable to anyone.If you have kids, please specify during your booking. We give you a guide specialized for kids.
  • Special notes: Picures are allowed almost everywhere! Bring a plastic bottle of water.
  • How to book: Quick and easy. Send us an email or use the form to contact us.

TOUR Description

2000 years ago Rome was the capital of the largest empire ever built in Europe.

The city had marvelous marble temples, huge courthouses, 11 aqueducts, obelisks, thermal baths, theaters, circuses and many other great buildings. Their ruins are still visible in the city and we will visit them on this tour.

You will feel like jumping back to the Ancient Roman times. Our local licensed guide will take you inside the Colosseum to see the arena, the seating levels and many interesting features of the grandest amphitheater of the Empire. You will learn so many things about the gladiators' lives, the games, the spectators' pastimes, and much more.

The tour will continue to the Emperors' residence on the Palatine hill. You will see the apartments and the facilities of the most important house in Rome. Few steps more and we will reach the Forum, the city most significant square.

We will visit the Senate house where the main political decisions were taken; the rostra where the candidates made their electoral speeches; the Temple of Saturn where the State treasure was kept; the triumphal arches where victorious generals celebrated their victories; the temple of Julius Caesar where his ashes were preserved and many more famous sites.

The itinerary ends on the Capitol Hill in front of Marcus Aurelius horse statue and in the middle of the magnificent square designed by Michelangelo. Contact us to book this memorable experience!

Map & Directions

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