Guided Tours of Pompeii & More
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The Colosseum Cruise Ship in Civitavecchia The Trevi Fountain Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican The Roman Forum The Sistine Chapel The Pantheon


  • Duration: Approximately 7 hours (full-day)
  • Weather conditions: The tour takes places rain or shine.
  • Availability: Everyday
  • Dressing code: Comfortable. No high-heels. Bring a hat in the hot summer days.
  • Meeting point: at the dock below your ship!
  • No lines policy: You will not be standing in the entrance line and you will have a great guide only for you!
  • Age limits The tour is suitable to anyone.If you have kids, please specify during your booking. We give you a guide specialized for kids.
  • Special notes: Picures are allowed almost everywhere!
  • How to book: Quick and easy. Send us an email or use the form to contact us.

TOUR Description

If you are taking a cruise trip around Italy you will most likely stop at the port of Civitavecchia near Rome.

You can easily arrange a private shore excursion with us that is much more valuable the the ones offered on ship for many reasons:

1- you will have a vehicle and a guide only for you

2- no lines, no waste of time

3- lower prices for same kind of service

4- excellent online ratings

The most requested excursion we offer is a full day trip from the harbor of Civitavecchia to Rome, the Colosseum, the Vatican the Sistine Chapel and all the major highlights. You will be dropped off back at the ship perfectly on time.

Theis shore excursions is a wonderful way to become acquainted with the wonders of Rome. Let our knowledgeable English-speaking driver and guide introduce you to the ancient ruins, magnificent art and imposing architecture of the Eternal City.

First on the itinerary is the Colosseum. Enjoy reserved admission with no waiting in lines. The tour begins inside the grand amphitheater with its rows upon rows of spectator seating. Construction of this Flavian amphitheater dates to 70 A.D. On your way out you’ll see the triumphal Arch of Constantine, built in 315 A.D., to celebrate the victory of Constantine over Maxentius in the year 312.

Then, it’s on to the Forum, the center of political, social and religious activity of ancient Rome. See the 1st Century honorific Arch of Titus, the House of the Vestal Virgins and the Temple of Saturn, the oldest sacred place in Rome. Visit the Senate House and the white marble triumphal Arch of Septimius Severus. Via the Sacred Way we’ll reach Capitoline Hill, the ancient Roman citadel. At its foot lies Il Vittoriano, a grand monument dedicated to the first king of a unified Italy.

Continuing on, the tour will take you to the Baroque Trevi Fountain, via the aqueduct path. See the fascinating ruins of an ingenious ancient aqueduct as you make your way to the fountain. Designed by Nicola Salvi in 1735, this was the setting for Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. Toss in a coin. Make a wish that someday you’ll return to Rome and be as happy as you are today.

Mid-tour is a break for rest and nourishment. With a variety of restaurants from which to choose, you’ll be sure to find satisfying and authentic Roman fare. Will it be a three-course meal, a pizza or a robust sandwich? Soon it’s off to the historic Government District, Parliament and the Palace of the Council of Ministers. Note the Column of Marcus Aurelius, an authentic 2nd Century architectural structure.

Not far is the famous Temple of Hadrian, built by Emperor Antoninus Pius in honor of his predecessor. The current Chamber of Commerce meets just behind the original marble columns. The Pantheon will conclude this portion of our tour, with its tomb of Raphael.

Piazza Navona is our next stop. We’ll enter by way of the Ancient Baths of Nero. Churches and fountains border the Piazza. You’ll enjoy the Fountain of the Four Rivers and ornate work by Bernini and other 16th Century artists.

Across the Tiber River are the Vatican Museums and the Basilica of St. Peter. Here you’ll enjoy a first-rate tour of Michelangelo’s most famous works, the Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s frescoes and the popes’ apartments.

Map & Directions

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