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Visiting Pompeii and Italy with your family can be a memorable experience that both children and parents will never forget. Our team of specialized local guides has a long experience in working with kids. We have designed customized itineraries, developed visual and educational techniques, introduced new multimedia tools to make our tours and activities fun and engaging.
You will visit the main sites of Italy, see and learn about the most significant historical and artistic monuments by playing and interact with your guide.

Customized and top-rated tours and activities
We know how to change and tailor the approach to children of  different ages, how to engage them and make them participate. Hundreds of happy families have chosen our tours and written raving reviews.

Are our tours expensive?
In most cases what you pay for one of our private kids-friendly tours for a family of 4 is the same or just slightly more than what you would pay to participate to one of the many crowded group tours offered by mass tour companies.

How easy is to book?
Our online staff is made of real people, not automatic answering machines. Booking is very easy and quick. Just send us and email, call or message us with text, whatsapp, facebook or viber. By speaking to our team you have the possibility to customize your tours on every detail and get expert assistance on how to plan your holiday.


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