Guided Tours of Pompeii & More
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Saint Peter's Square in the VaticanMichelangelo's Creation of Adam The Sistine Chapel Raphael's School of Athens Gallery of Candelabra in the Vatican Museums


Half day
  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours (half-day)
  • Weather conditions: The tour takes places rain or shine.
  • Availability: Everyday
  • Dressing code: Comfortable. No high-heels. Do not bring large bags and umbrellas. The vatican requires visitors not to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts above your knees.
  • Meeting point: It will be specified after booking.
  • No lines policy: You will not be standing in the entrance line and you will have a great guide only for you!
  • Age limits The tour is suitable to anyone.If you have kids, please specify during your booking. We give you a guide specialized for kids.
  • Special notes: Picures are allowed almost everywhere! Bring a plastic bottle of water.
  • How to book: Quick and easy. Send us an email or use the form to contact us.

TOUR Description

The Vatican City is the smallest nation in the world but contains a vast collections of artworks and historic documents. It would take so long to see all its treasures!

On this private tour our guide will take you to the most significant sites in the Vatican. You will visit the gallery of Ancient Roman and Greek sculptures including the famous statues of Laocoon, Apollo, Socrates, Hadrian, Antinoo and the Torso.

The tour continues through a long corridor where Renaissance tapestries hang designed by the school of Raphael. You will see the gallery of Geographic Maps,sort of Google Maps of XVI century Italy!

In the Sobieski Room you will stand in front of the largest painting on canvas of the museums and in the Immaculate Conception Hall you will see amazing frescoes dedicated to the Papal dogma proclaimed in 1854.

Few steps more and we will enter the apartments of Pope Julius II painted by Raphael and his disciples. You will see his masterpieces such as the School of Athens and the Parnassus.

We will cross the rooms of Pope Alexander VI Borgia and reach the Sistine Chapel. Here you will have plenty of time to admire Michelangelo's and Botticelli's artworks including the "Creation of Adam" the world's most famous fresco.

A narrow passageway will take us to the Basilica of Saint Peter, the largest catholic church on earth. You will see the tombs of the Popes, their palace, the balcony of blessings and the chimney where the smoke arises after the election.

This wonderful tour is top-priority during your first vacation in Rome! You will not be waiting in the entrance lines and have a local expert guide only for you!

Map & Directions

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